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Online activity data—for example, from dating, housing search, or social networking websites—make it possible to study human behavior with unparalleled richness and granularity.However, researchers typically rely on statistical models that emphasize associations among variables rather than behavior of human actors.Historically, social scientists have not modeled individuals’ behavior or choice processes directly, instead relating variation in some outcome of interest into portions attributable to different “explanatory” covariates.Discrete choice models, by contrast, can provide an explicit statistical representation of choice processes.Empirical studies suggest that the choice process commences using cognitively undemanding, cutoff-based criteria operating on a small number of attributes (e.g., “locals only” or “no one over 40”); decision makers then carefully balance a wider range of attributes after the choice set has been reduced to a manageable size (3, 5, 6).Our proposed framework can accommodate an arbitrary number of sequentially enacted winnowing stages.

At each stage, choice is governed by one or more possible decision rules, which are uncovered by the model.For example, we assess whether the initial stages of mate search can be identified empirically as “noncompensatory”: filtering someone out based on an insufficiency of a particular attribute, regardless of their merits on others.